(TI300-UV-VIS) 1/2-inch OD Process Transmission Dip Probe, UV/VIS

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Our industrial-grade transmission dip probes can be used in environments with pressure limits of up to 250 psi and at temperatures up to 300 ºC. The robust stainless steel 1/2″ probe tip is ideal for integration into process lines, and mates easily to our spectrometers and light sources for measurement of absorbance and transmission in solutions.

Probe concept — light is directed via one fiber through the open path, then is reflected by a mirror and redirected back to a receive fiber that returns the light to the spectrometer

Variable pathlength — adjust the pathlength of the tip (2 mm to 50 mm) for solutions of different concentrations

Convenient fixturing — probe fits into a standard 1/2″ Swagelok fitting for installation into a pipe or reactor

TI300-UV-VIS Engineering
Wavelength Range 200nm - 1.1μm
Fiber Core Size 300 µm
Length 2 m
Jacket Stainless steel over Teflon tubing
Probe Ferrule Diameter 12.7 mm (1/2″)
Breakout 1 meter from the end of the probe
Connector SMA 905
Pathlength 2, 5, 10, 25, or 50 mm
Physical Resistance 250 psi
Temperature Limit 300 °C for probe body
Probe Ferrule Length 127 mm without probe tip
Probe Ferrule Material Stainless steel outer sleeve

Tips for TI300-UV-VIS
RT-TI-2MM 2 mm Pathlength Tip for TI300-series Dip Probes
RT-TI-5MM 5 mm Pathlength Tip for TI300-series Dip Probes
RT-TI-10MM 10 mm Pathlength Tip for TI300-series Dip Probes
RT-TI-25MM 25 mm Pathlength Tip for TI300-series Dip Probes
RT-TI-50MM 50 mm Pathlength Tip for TI300-series Dip Probes

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