(INLINE-SFH) In-Line Filter Holder, Holds Filters from 10 to 12.7 mm Diameter



The inline filter holder is a convenient sampling accessory that connects to optical fibers on either side of the holder.

With the INLINE-SFH, users can measure optical filters from 10-12.7 mm diameter and up to 9 mm thickness by connecting one end of the holder to an illumination fiber (transmits light from a source) and the other to a read fiber (transmits light to the spectrometer).

The INLINE-SFH is permanently aligned during production so there is no need for additional adjustments. It has room for up to 9 mm thickness of filters, enabling the use of up to 3 filters at one time.

Filter transmission – accepts standard optical filters from 10-12.7 mm diameter and up to 9 mm thickness

Flexible – accepts up to 9 mm total thickness of filters (e.g., three 3 mm thick filters)

Simple to use – permanently aligned, no adjustments required

Add-on filter sets — equip your lab with optional longpass and neutral density filter kits

INLINE-SFH Engineering
Dimensions 57.5 mm x 19.5 mm x 19.5 mm diameter
Maximum Filter Diameter 12.7 mm
Maximum Filter Thickness 9 mm
Assembly Base 6061-T6 aluminum
DIN 1.4122 stainless steel retaining ring
fused silica lenses
Number of Filters Accepts filters up to 9 mm total thickness (e.g.
three 3 mm filters)
includes two separators to place between filters
Optimal Fiber Diameter 200 µm and larger core diameter
Wavelength Range 200nm - 2.1μm
Weight 24 g

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