(CHEMUSB4-VIS-NIR) VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer, 400-950 nm, Direct-Attach System



The CHEMUSB4-VIS-NIR packages a high-tech built-in light source, a USB4000 Spectrometer, a holder for 1-cm cuvettes, and high-speed electronics into a small-footprint system. Used with its associated software, the CHEMUSB4-VIS-NIR provides real-time, PC-based spectroscopy and captures full spectra from in only 25 milliseconds using 3648 data points.


  • Spectrometer: USB4000
  • Wavelength range: 370-985 nm
  • Light source and sample holder: USB-ISS-VIS integrated tungsten bulb with violet LEDs and cuvette holder for 1-cm square cuvettes.
  • Optical fiber: None required — light source/sample holder directly attaches to spectrometer
  • Software: Oceanview (sold separately)

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