Starna Green Broadband Reference Set, Wavelength, Absorbance/Linearity

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Description & NIST Traceability A mixed ultra stable dye solution permanently sealed by heat fusion in quartz cells. NIST traceable complete with UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 accredited certificate of calibration
Primary Usage Testing wavelength accuracy, absorbance scale and linearity in UV/Vis region.
Certified Wavelengths 257, 416, and 630 nm with a SBW up to 12 nm
Physical Configuration Far UV quartz cells that have been permanently sealed by heat fusion. Also available in 1.5 ml screw-cap vials.

Available SKUs:

Description Part Number, NIST Traceable
Starna Green, Blank, 25X Concentration RM-1SG
Starna Green, Blank, 50X Concentration RM-2SG
Starna Green, Blank, 75X Concentration RM-3SG
Starna Green, Blank, 100X Concentration RM-4SG
Starna Green, Blank, 4 Concentrations RM-1SG2SG3SG4SG
Starna Green, 1 x 1.5 ml vial, screw cap RM-SG10-SC1
Starna Green, 2 x 1.5 ml vials, screw cap RM-SG10-SC2
Starna Green, 4 x 1.5 ml vials, screw cap RM-SG10-SC4


Product Description:

The use of stable aqueous dye solutions is an established and well recognized method for the validation of the absorbance scale and linearity of a spectrophotometer.

When prepared at the appropriate concentrations, these references have spectral characteristics that allow both the certification of the wavelength (257, 416, and 630 nm) and absorbance scale (0.25, 0.5, 0.75 or 1.0 A) in one discrete reference. Within the concentration range available, if the absorbance scale of the spectrophotometer is linear, the apparent absorbencies of a series of concentrations will be a linear function of concentration.

Starna Green is also available in 1.5 ml screw cap vials, for use in microvolume devices. The concentration 10X is matched to give absorbance readings of approximately 1A at a 1 mm path length.

The Starna Green reference is supplied with a Certificate of Calibration valid for two years by the Starna Calibration Laboratory, which is accredited by UKAS under ISO/IEC 17025, and ISO Guide 34.

Starna Green Spectral Scan

Suggestions for Use:

Scan the absorbance of the Starna Green cells over the certified wavelength range against the blank supplied.

Compare the spectrophotometer absorbance values to the certified absorbance values. Taking the expanded uncertainty budget† of the certified references into consideration, if the absorbance values fall within the expected parameters† of your instrument then your instrument is working correctly.

To evaluate instrument linearity, plot a graph of concentration against absorbance for each of the three wavelengths.

If you determine that your instrument is not giving you the correct values, consult your service technician for advice on how to determine and correct any problem, which this reference may have detected.

† Expected Parameters and Expanded Uncertainty Budget

The expanded uncertainty budget (k=2) is the tolerance that we could expect to measure in the assigned value on any one of our reference spectrophotometers during the 2 year period of certification.

When used to verify the performance of any given spectrophotometer this certificate tolerance must be added in a simple linear manner to the stated appropriate specification accuracy of the instrument on the test, see following example:

  Wavelength Absorbance
Certificate ±0.10 nm ±0.0049 A
Instrument ±0.30 nm ±0.0050 A
Total ±0.40 nm ±0.0099 A

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