(RM-BZ) Benzene Vapor Instrument Resolution Reference Cell

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Description 0.01 ml Benzene in a vapor state sealed in a quartz cell
Primary Usage Test the resolution at various bandwidths of grating based instruments in the UV
Useable Range 240 to 265 nm
Physical Configuration Far UV quartz cell that has been permanently sealed by heat fusion


Product Description:

The ability of your spectrophotometer to resolve absorption peaks is the basis of its theory of operation. If absorption peaks cannot be resolved adequately, then interfering peaks will be integrated with the correct peaks, thus giving an inaccurate measurement.

Benzene vapor is an effective material for the detection of a grating based spectrophotometer’s resolving power, as it has a great number of close but distinct absorption peaks.

Benzene vapor may not work well with a photodiode array spectrophotometer.

Benzene Vapor Spectra

Suggestions for Use:

Set your spectrophotometer to a Spectral Bandwidth (SBW) and a scan rate and note the settings. Scan from 240 to 265 nm and compare the peaks to the two charts and determine what changes need to be made to the setting of your spectrophotometer to improve the resolution of the scan. Continue to alter the bandwidth setting until you have optimized the resolution. Make a note of the settings in your quality procedures.

Each time that the scan is repeated you can compare the new scan with previous scans to check for any variance. If your instrument needs service because of a drop in resolution, the historical data will greatly assist the service technician.

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