(RM-H2O) Ultra-Pure Water Reference, Fluorescence Sensitivity

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Description Ultra-high pure water, permanently sealed by heat fusion in a high quality quartz fluorometer cell.
Primary Usage Evaluation of sensitivity in the qualification of fluorescence spectrophotometers specifically the instrument signal-to-noise ratio near the detection limits using the Raman band emission at specific wavelengths.
Useable Range 250 to 600 nm
Physical Configuration Far UV quartz fluorescence cell that has been permanently sealed by heat fusion.
ISO/IEC Accreditation Produced and manufactured under ISO/IEC 17025, ISO Guide 34 by UKAS protocols


Product Description:

When excited at appropriate wavelengths, pure water exhibits a Raman shift spectrum analogous to fluorescence. This spectrum can be used to evaluate the signal-to- noise ratio of fluorescence spectrophotometers near the detection limit.

The signal–to-noise ratio for a given excitation wavelength may be calculated using the instrument software. Note that the calculated ratio will depend on the calculation
protocol employed by the instrument manufacturer and therefore 'compliance to specification' limits will be specific to the spectrofluorometer type under test.

This reference with a Certificate of Validation from the Starna Calibration Laboratory which is supplied accredited by UKAS under ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025, and ISO Guide 34.

Molecular Emission Spectrum 350 nm

Molecular Emission Spectrum 500 nm

Suggestions for Use:

Record the emission spectrum of the water reference using excitation wavelengths of 350 nm or 500 nm depending on the wavelength range of interest. By reference to the appropriate section of the instrument control software, calculate the signal-to- noise ratio for a given excitation wavelength and compare it with the instrument specification.

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