(SCP-96-8R) CuvettePlate, 96 Well Microplate Adaptor 

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Description A patented adaptor plate (Patent Number US8115922), which allows the use of either Starna glass or liquid references in the validation of a 96 well microplate reader.
Primary Usage Performance validation of your microplate reader with Starna Reference sets
Useable References All standard references and filters produced by Starna.
Useable Cells Specially designed screw-top cells manufactured by Starna to fit the adaptor plate. These may be used with any solution for analysis.
Physical Appearance Injection molded polymer tray with slots for 8 references or cuvettes
Compatible Readers The adaptor is compatible with all 96 well plate readers


Product Description:

Hole alignment of the CuvettePlate conforms to the international standard and precise location of the wells in a 96 well microplate. Slots precisely align the cuvettes over the available holes through the bottom plate. A small ridge in the center of the CuvettePlate slightly tilts the cuvettes so that the bubble in a liquid sample does not interfere with the light beam of the microplate reader.

Microplate readers can be validated using exactly the same NIST traceable filters either liquid or for instance Neutral Density Filters such as our Part Number RM-1N2N3N or NIST SRM-930), that you may already be using to calibrate other spectrophotometers in your laboratory.

Under these circumstances it is not necessary to purchase extra reference materials. This also allows laboratories to cross- validate and make comparisons between different types of spectrophotometer instruments.

Validating your microplate reader with liquid filled cuvettes is easy with the CuvettePlate. Place your NIST traceable references in the CuvettePlate and they will be aligned into the format for your reader and held so that the bubble in the reference cell will not interfere with the analysis. You can use any of the Starna validation references as well as the NIST SRM-2034 Holmium.

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