(1-I-100) Standard Rectangular Cell, Infrasil Quartz, 100 mm

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The Starna 1-I-100 Infrasil cuvette with a 100 mm path length are short path length cuvettes for more dilute solutions.  Infrasil cuvettes are usable from 220 to 3800 nm, which provides a wider spectral range extending into the infrared spectrum.

These cells have an exterior height of 45mm, two clear windows and an open top. The walls of the cell and the bottom are smooth on the inside. On the outside, the light path windows are clear while the adjacent windows and the bottom are frosted or grey. Typically, windows are 1.25mm thick and each cell in this range is supplied with a PTFE cover.

1-I-100 Specifications

Pathlength: 100mm

Exterior Width: 12.5mm

Exterior Length: 102.5mm

Exterior Height: 45mm

Interior Width: 9mm

Interior Length: 100mm

Nominal Volume: 35.0ml


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