(6700-10mGC) Thermo Nicolet 6700 with 10m Gas Cell

White Bear PhotonicsSKU: 6700-10mGC

Sale price$22,000


Thermo Nicolet 6700 FTIR integrated with a Nicolet 10 meter gas cell and temperature controller.  Gas cell is in excellent condition (mirrors/windows inspected) and has been tested for transmission.  As shown this is a complete system with the laptop, software, temperature controller, transmission accessory, and polystyrene standard.  The FTIR is configured with both a room temperature DTGS detector and N2 cooled MCT-A detector for 10X higher sensitivity (see photo).  Selection of the detector is done in software where the flipper mirror is rotated to either detector.  The system has been fully tested with the Valpro protocol, and the DTGS detector meets the original factory specifications for background, RMS noise, wavelength accuracy, and linearity (see photo).

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