(CC-T-DIFFUSE) PTFE Diffuser as Used in CC-3-UV-T



Cosine correctors are optical diffusers (opaline glass, PTFE or Spectralon) that couple to fibers and spectrometers to collect signal from 180° field of view. Cosine correctors are specified for setups requiring the redistribution of incident light, such as measuring spectral irradiance of a plane surface in air or other media.

Replacement diffusers are available for the cosine corrector models with Spectralon or PTFE.

Cosine corrector accessory — replacement PTFE disk for CC-3-UV-T corrector

PTFE material — high diffuse reflectance characteristics from 200-750 nm

Diffuser dimensions — 3900 µm diameter (diffuser), 6.35 mm OD (cosine corrector assembly)

Connects To Optical fiber Optical fiber Optical fiber Spectrometer
Optical Diffuser Opaline glass Spectralon Spectralon PTFE PTFE Spectralon
Wavelength Range 350nm - 750nm 200nm - 2.5μm 200nm - 2.5μm 200nm - 750nm 200nm - 750nm 200nm - 2.5μm
Diffusers (Diameter) 3900 µm 3900 µm 3900 µm 7140 µm
Dimensions (OD) 6.35 mm 6.35 mm 6.35 mm 12.7 mm
Field of View 180° 180° 180° 180°
Replacement Diffuser Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (with restrictions)

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