(FLAME-NIR-INTSMA25) FLAME-NIR 950-1650nm Preconfigured Spectrometer with 25-Micron Slit



FLAME-NIR-INTSMA25 Engineering
Wavelength Range 950 - 1650 nm
Optical Resolution 10.00 nm FWHM (typical)
Integration Time 1ms - 65s
Dynamic Range 6000 to 1
Input Fiber Connector SMA 905
Signal to Noise Ratio 6000:1 (full signal)
Pixels 128
Entrance Slit 25 µm
Detector Collection Lens No
Connectors USB 2.0
Dimensions 89.1 mm x 63.3 mm x 31.9 mm (34.4 mm with feet)
Weight 265 g

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