(GER-KIT) Gershun Tube Kit with 1/3/8/10/14 Degree Aperture Disks for FOV

Ocean OpticsSKU: GER-KIT


The Gershun Tube Kit is an optical assembly that attaches to a spectrometer or SMA 905-terminated optical fiber to control the FOV of the setup. Each assembly comprises a conical base and middle and outer barrels that are threaded together. User-interchangeable apertures can be installed to adjust FOV at different increments from 1°-28°.

Control Field of View: restrict FOV to know values from 1°-28°

Versatile: couples to fibers or directly to spectrometers

Easily configured: switch out apertures within seconds

GER-KIT Engineering
Connector SMA 905-terminated optical fiber or spectrometer
Material Black anodized aluminum
Aperture Sizes

10° and 14°
Engineering FOV Options

20° and 28°
Tube Interior Bead-blasted surface reduces off-axis reflections

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