(IS5-ID3-GE) Thermo Nicolet IS5 FTIR with ID3 Ge ATR

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Thermo Nicolet IS5 FTIR with ID3 Germanium ATR accessory.  Includes Laptop, software, ID3 ATR with Germanium flat plate (for solids), and Germanium Trough (liquids).  System has been fully tested to meet the original factory specs (as shown) for energy ratio, noise and wavelength accuracy.  The germanium ATR is well suited for dark polymers, rubber, etc.,  that are normally difficult to measure with ZnSe or Diamond ATRs (see example in photo).  The trough works well with liquids, where measurements can be taken very quickly (example with methanol).  System is designed to be user friendly and is primarily used in QA/QC applications with minimal setup time.

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