(ISP-REF-B) Replacement Bulb for ISP-REF

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The ISP-REF Integrating Sphere provides even surface illumination for reflectance measurements of surfaces such as the color of flat samples. The ISP-REF has a transfer optic assembly for restricting the fiber viewing angle and a built-in tungsten-halogen light source. The sphere is coated with Spectralon®, a white diffusing material that provides a highly Lambertian reflecting surface. A simple switch allows users to manipulate the sphere for the inclusion (I) or exclusion (E) of specular reflectance.

A spare bulb (ISP-REF-B) is available for the sphere lamp. The bulb has 900-hour lifetime and 3100 K color temperature.

Built-in light source – provides even surface illumination for reflectance

Replacement bulb available for ISP-REF integrating spheres only

Bulb characteristics – 900 hrs. lifetime; 3100 K color temperature

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