(IVAC-324) Andor CCD Linear Camera for Raman Spectrographs

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Andor IVAC-324 TE Cooled Linear Camera.  Complete system and fully tested with linear camera, Laptop and software.  Linear camera is designed for a spectrograph or monochromator, where pixel position is converted to wavelength with the software.  This camera is often used with with Raman Spectrometers or in fluorescence applications where sensitivity (high quantum efficiency) is critical. 

Performance Specifications  Sensor 324:

 Pixels Pixels1650 x 200, Pixel size 16 x 16 μm Image area 26.4 x 3.2 mm, Active area pixel well depth (typical) e- 120,000 eOutput register Saturation  500,000 eDark current @ -60°C 0.003 Read noise (e- ), Minimum temperatures air cooled -60°C @ +25°C ambient, Standard System window type;UV-grade fused silica, ‘Broadband VUV-NIR’, unwedged, Digitization 16 bit, Linearity Better than 99%,

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