(MONOSCAN2000) Fiber Optic Scanning Monochromator, 300-700 nm

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The MonoScan-2000 is a small-bandwidth fiber optic scanning monochromator. This monochromator is specially made to achieve a high optical throughput in fluorescence and luminescence applications, resulting in an intensive spectral signal.


Variable monochromatic lightsource: If the MonoScan-2000 is combined to our fiber optic

  • lightsources (e.g., HL-2000-HP, HPX-2000; DH-2000; DH-2000-BAL)
  • Single variable Wavelength detection: If combined with a single Si-Detector
  • Programmable Fluorescence Scanner: Two MonoScan-2000s combined can be used as a fully programmable fluorescence scanner if the unit is combined with a high-power lightsource (e.g., HPX-2000), going to the sample via fiber, detecting via fiber, then going through the secondMonoScan-2000 combined with a single Si-Detector.

Physical Specifications

Wavelength range 300 – 700 nm

FWHM 4 – 9 nm (400 –1000 fiber)

Holographic grating 1250 l/mm, Blaze 350nm

Accuracy <0.5nm

Repeatability 0.2nm

Transition speed (wavelength-to-wavelength) Approximately 3s 300-700nm 1nm step ~ 15ms

Dispersion Approximately 10nm/mm

Optical throughput (1000μm fiber) >50% @ 350nm, >30%@500nm

Interface RS-232

Connectors SMA 905

Power Requirements 12 VDC max. 1,2A (WT-24V-E), 400 mA

Dimensions (LxWxH) 148 x 112 x 132 mm

Weight 1.2 kg

Temperature range 5°C – 35°C

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