(OOA-RAMAN-SH) Raman Sample Holder



Ocean Insight offers several sample holders for Raman analysis of liquids and solids, including a multipurpose holder that can be configured for fluorescence and other measurements. The holders accommodate Raman probes from 9.5 mm-12.7 mm diameter, and 1 cm pathlength cuvettes and vials of various dimensions.

The OOA-RAMAN-SH is a sample holder for vial and cuvette measurements, which has a positioning screw to optimize the focus of the laser onto the sample.

Flexible – convenient tools for Raman sampling of liquids and solids

Adjustable – accommodates various sizes of probes and cuvettes

Cuvette Type 1 cm pathlength square or 15 mm OD vials Standard microscope slide 75 x 25 mm or SERS substrates 1 cm pathlength square 1 cm pathlength square
Probe Diameter 9.5 mm 9.5 mm 9.5 mm Raman probe: 9.5 or 12.7 mm
Reflection probe: 6.35mm
Translation Stage No No Yes Yes
Base Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Dimensions 115 X 80 X 70 mm 75 X 75 X 35 mm 80 X 47 X 81 mm 110 X 70 X 130 mm (155 X 70 X 162 mm
Mirror/Cuvette Plugs Yes No No Yes
Techniques Supported Raman Raman Raman Raman
Temperature Range -20°C to 80° -20°C to 80° -20°C to 80° -20°C to 80°
Weight 629 g 186 g 630 g 1279 g

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