(SPECLINE-AMS) Spectroscopy Software for Peak Finding and Identifying Spectral Lines



SpecLine is a software package for identifying atomic emission lines and molecular bands in spectral data. SpecLine’s advanced evaluation, search, compare and identify functions – combined with a library of more than 100 elements and 400 compounds — enable users to quickly identify unknown emission lines, peaks and bands.

When configured with Ocean Insight spectrometers, plasma monitoring systems and modular LIBS instrumentation, SpecLine is a powerful analytical tool for applications in astrophysics, plasma sciences and plasma processing.

Spectral analysis – identify atomic emission lines and molecular bands

Extensive library – search and compare spectra for more than 100 elements and 400 compounds

Detailed data – identify element name, peak wavelength and other key criteria

Feature analysis  analyze spectra with complex features such as double lines and line shoulders

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