(STAGE) Single-Point Reflection Stage

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This optical stage or probe holder is a convenient fixture for stand-off and close-range reflection measurements of optical layers and other substrates up to 150 mm in diameter. The STAGE accommodates fiber optic probes and other sampling optics up to 6.35 mm in diameter, and slides up and down a stainless steel post for adjustment to heights as great as ~63.5 mm above the sample.

The STAGE can be connected seamlessly to the C-mount port of a microscope or telescope so that light can be routed to a spectrometer for full spectral analysis.

Convenient design anodized base plate is scored in concentric circles of varying diameters to act as a guide when positioning samples

Compatibility designed for probes of 6.35 mm (1/4″) diameter

Flexible – probe can be positioned as high as 63.5 mm (2.5″) above the base plate

Base Dimensions 152.4 mm 206.3 mm diameter
Rail Height Adjustable to 63.5 mm Adjustable to 400 mm
Sample Area Dimensions 101.6 mm 152.4 mm diameter
Collimating Lens
200-2000 nm
Components Sample plate
collimating lenses (2) and light trap
Integrating Sphere Adapter
for attaching 30 mm or 50 mm ISP-series spheres
Stage Material Anodized aluminum
Weight 620 g 4.5 kg

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