(STAGE-RTL-T) Reflection and Transmission Stage with Variable Rail

Ocean OpticsSKU: STAGE-RTL-T


The Stage-RTL-T is a clever sampling system that couples to Ocean Insight spectrometers and accessories for reflection and transmission measurements of samples ranging from organic materials such as grains and fertilizers to man-made materials including plastics, coatings and semiconductor wafers.

The Stage-RTL-T has a variable x-y axis rail design and adjustable platform, offering flexibility in sampling setups. Add an optional integrating sphere adapter (ISP-RTL-ADP) to make diffuse reflection measurements using 30 mm and 50 mm diameter ISP-R integrating spheres.

Multipurpose – adjustable for transmission and reflection measurements

Sample parameters – ideal for flat substrates and large specimens

Reflection setup attach a ¼” (6.35 mm) OD reflection probe and position the probe for 90° measurements

Reflection/transmission setup position collimating lenses to measure transmission at 90° or reflection at 45°

Base Dimensions 152.4 mm 206.3 mm diameter
Rail Height Adjustable to 63.5 mm Adjustable to 400 mm
Sample Area Dimensions 101.6 mm 152.4 mm diameter
Collimating Lens
200-2000 nm
Components Sample plate
collimating lenses (2) and light trap
Integrating Sphere Adapter
for attaching 30 mm or 50 mm ISP-series spheres
Stage Material Anodized aluminum
Weight 620 g 4.5 kg

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