(RM-NIR) NIR Wavelength Reference, Transmittance


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Description & NIST Traceability
Quartz cell in Transmittance format. Traceable to NIST SRM 2065, complete with UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 accredited certificate of calibration
Primary Usage Verification of wavelength scale accuracy in the NIR spectrum
Certified Wavelengths 990.7, 1154.9, 1446.6, 1652.3, 1693.1, 1948.0, 2060.1, 2111.0, 2248.2, 2353.3, 2373.4, 2385.4, 2537.5 nm
Spectral Bandwidth The certificate indicates the above wavelength measured at 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 nm. Other SBWs can be provided on request.
Physical Configuration Filled near IR quartz cell that has been permanently sealed by heat fusion


Product Description:

The reference is used to validate the wavelength scale of a NIR spectrophotometer. With 13 certified peaks from 990 to 2537 nm that include some complex peaks, which may be used for instrument resolution evaluation. The reference is available in two formats:

Transmittance: - 10 mm optical pathlength with two clear windows (opposite windows to allow light to pass through the cell).

Each reference set is supplied with full certification and traceability to NIST through SRM 2065. The reference material is produced and certified in our ISO Guide 34 and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory. The reference can also be recertified as required.

Resolvable Peaks: 990.7 nm, 1154.9 nm, 1446.6 nm, 1652.3 nm, 1693.1 nm, 1948.0 nm, 2060.1 nm, 2111.0 nm, 2248.2 nm, 2353.3 nm, 2373.4 nm, 2385.4 nm, 2537.5 nm


RM-NIR Spectra

Suggestions for Use:

Scan the cell over its usable range and identify the peaks whose wavelength values are given in the calibration certificate, having regard to the bandwidth of the instrument. Compare the measured values to the certificate values. Taking the expanded uncertainty budget† of the references into consideration, then the wavelength values should fall within the expected parameters† of your instrument if it is working correctly. The results may be used to build up a data log of the instrument’s wavelength accuracy over time. This may be used for certification purposes and for troubleshooting should the correlation change. The data will also be useful to a service technician to diagnose and correct any problems that may develop with your instrument.

† Expected Parameters and Expanded Uncertainty Budget

The expanded uncertainty budget (k=2) is the tolerance that we could expect to measure in the assigned value on any one of our reference spectrophotometers during the 2 year period of certification.

When used to verify the performance of any given spectrophotometer this certificate tolerance must be added in a simple linear manner to the stated appropriate specification accuracy of the instrument on the test, see following example:

  Wavelength Absorbance
Certificate ±0.10 nm ±0.0049 A
Instrument ±0.30 nm ±0.0050 A
Total ±0.40 nm ±0.0099 A

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