(USB-650UV) Red Tide Spectrometer, preconfigured, 200-850nm

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USB-650 Red Tide spectrometers are ideal for teaching about UV and visible absorbance, reflectance and emission applications. They are preconfigured, ready-to-use spectrometers that come in several different options.

Versatile – USB650 and USB650-UV couple to fibers and other accessories



Item: USB-650 USB-650-UV
Wavelength range: 350-1000 nm 200-880 nm
Cuvette holder-light source: Not included Not included

Light source: Not applicable Not applicable
Couple to optical fibers: Yes Yes




Physical Specifications

USB-650 Red Tide Spectrometer


89.1 mm x 63.3 mm x 34.4 mm

Spectrometer weight:

190 g

Detector Specifications



Linear silicon CCD array


650 enabled pixels

Pixel size:

14 µm x 200 µm

Pixel well depth:

~62,500 electrons


75 photons/count at 400 nm

Optical Bench



f/4, Asymmetrical crossed Czerny-Turner

Focal length:

42 mm input; 68 mm output

Entrance aperture:

25 µm wide slit

Fiber optic connector:

SMA 905



Wavelength range:



350-1000 nm


200-880 nm

Optical resolution:

~2.0 nm FWHM

Signal-to-noise ratio:

250:1 (maximum signal)

A/D resolution:

12 bit

Dark noise:

3.2 RMS counts

Integration time:

3 ms to 65 seconds (15 s typical max)

Dynamic range:

8.5 x 107 (system); 1300:1 for a single acquisition

Stray ligth:

<0.05% at 600 nm; 0.10% at 435 nm

Corrected linearity:



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