(USB-ISS-VIS) USB4 and USB2 Direct-attach cuvette holder, VIS-NIR source

Ocean OpticsSKU: USB-ISS-VIS


The USB-ISS-VIS is a snap-on, direct-attach 1 cm illuminated cuvette holder with tungsten bulb and violet LEDs (300 – 900 nm) created specifically for the USB4000 Spectrometer and the USB2000+ Spectrometer (and their predecessor, the USB2000 Spectrometer).


180 g


88.9 x 31.5 x 35.6 mm

Power Consumption:

1.8 A @ 5 VDC

Wavelength Range (source):

390-900 nm

Path Length:

10 mm 

Cuvette Shape Light:

Standard Rectangle

Source Bulb Life (hours):

 2,000 (tungsten); 45,000 LEDs

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