(WAVEGO-VIS-50) WAVEGO with 3nm Resolution

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  • Simple operation – one-click use 
  • Connectivity  Bluetooth 
  • Light measurements – flicker measurements possible
  • Additional features – integrated accelerometer and internal shutter


  • Absolute Irradiance Spectrum
  • Lux
  • CIE 1931 Chromaticity (x,y)
  • CRI (Ra, R1-15)
  • TM30 (Rf & Rg)
  • PAR
  • CCT (K°)
  • Melanopic Lux


WaveGo is ideal for applications that require a simple, yet highly accurate result when characterizing light sources. The app calculates and displays all the essential metrics for quantifying light, and connects the data to a user account via the cloud.

Our WaveGo solution harnesses Ocean Insight technology used in scientific analysis, along with the power of your smartphone to deliver a quick, accurate and intuitive solution for light measurements.

WAVEGO-VIS-50 Engineering
Detector Custom Spectrometer
Optical Resolution 3 nm FWHM
Wavelength Range 400-800nm
Pixels 1024
Field of View Angle 180 degrees
F2 Cosine Response <3%
Integration Time 0 μs to 1 s
Illuminance Range 50 to 1,000,000 lux
Illuminance Accuracy ± 4% @ 250 lux
Illuminance Repeatability ±3% @ 250 lux
x,y Accuracy 0.005 @ 250 lux
x,y Repeatability 0.005 @ 250 lux
CCT Accuracy ± 2%
CCT Repeatability ± 8K @ 2700K
Baseline Drift ± 3 counts @ 25 °C
Thermal Stability 0.06 pixel/°C
Unit-to-Unit Repeatability ± 1.7% @ 4200 lux
Flicker Range 5 to 200 Hz
Flicker Accuracy ± 5%
In-App Calculated Measurements Lux, CRI, Dominant Wavelength, Peak Wavelength, Delta UV, TM-30-15 Rf, TM-30-15 Rg, Flicker Hz, Flicker %, EML, PPFD PAR, Estimated DLI
Measurement Refresh Rate 1 second


Google Play Store (Android supported versions 8.0 and up)

Apple App Store (iOS supported versions iOS 11.4 and up)

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