10 cm SS Gas Cell

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10 cm SS gas cell with CaF2 windows for Thermo Nicolet FTIRs.  Rugged design with Viton O-rings, and Calcium fluoride windows to withstand acidic-aqueous gases.   Simple design makes it easy to disassemble clean and maintain.  1/4" Swagelok fittings for connecting to 1/4 inch poly or SS tubing.  Heater tape and temperature controller can be added for additional protection from contamination.  Standard 38.1 mm windows (off the shelf).  Fits all Thermo Nicolet FTIRs except the IS5 and Summit models.


Pathelength:  10 cm

Spectral Range:  11,000-900 cm-1

Windows Installed: Wedge 3° CaF2 38.1 x 3mm.

O-Ring Size:  123

O-Ring material:  Viton

Gas Connection:  1/4 inch Swagelok

Max temp:  50 deg C

Max pressure:  1 atmosphere

Port Diameter:  25 mm

Pre-configured for all Thermo Nicolet FTIR models except:  IS5 and Summit

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