White Bear Photonics, LLC was started in 2007 and is in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, just north of St Paul. We started out with used scientific equipment for the biomedical industry.  Since then, we have expanded our scope to provide distribution of new and used equipment, components, and custom configurations. This includes spectroscopy applications that range from the deep UV to the far Infrared spectrum.


White Bear Photonics also offers contract-engineering services. In general, our approach is to take a creative, intuitive, hands-on approach to solving difficult problems from the ground up. In addition to technical ability, effective communication skills (written, verbal, and interpersonal) are key to our clients. Since we operate on contract and are able to provide solutions if you are: understaffed, have time constraints/deadlines, or simply need fresh ideas. We also have a network of engineers, scientists, and technicians of various disciplines if your application is outside our area of expertise.


White Bear Photonics has a small development laboratory equipped with the components and instrumentation we sell. This allows us to provide the best possible technical support in terms of understanding the instrumentation as well as the application(s).