MicromATR Vision, Diamond ATR with Camera

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Highest throughput, cost effective diamond ATR

* Fully integrated sample viewing and image capture
* Versatile macro and micro ATR sampling
* Complete mid-IR and far-IR spectral range
* Kinematic ATR sampling plates optimal position
* Compatible with a broad range of ATR crystal plates
* Compact optical design fits all Thermo Nicolet FTIR models

The MicromATR VisionTM is an all new product designed
to provide the highest available optical throughput in a
monolithic diamond ATR accessory.

The small diameter of the crystal broadens the sample
range from macro to microsampling. Integrated viewing
optics with illumination of the sample through the
diamond ATR crystal enables selection of discreet sample
features and provides visual proof of sample contact.

Complete System which includes of the mounting plate for a Thermo Nicolet FTIR.

Contact us before ordering to confirm baseplate compatibility. 


Diamond XR (to 10 cm-1)
Fully integrated video
Digital video and image capture
Kinematic, magnetically fixed
USB 2.0
2.5 mm diameter
Stainless steel
45 degrees, nominal
30,000 psi 
Smallest purge volume
Purge / Seal tubes included
4.5 X 3.5 X 3.5 inches
114 X90 X 90 mm

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