Flat Tip Diamond ATR-Fiber Touch Probe


Flat Tip Diamond ATR “Touch Probe” is suitable for touch measurements of solids as well as fluids with easy cleaning thanks to the probe design.

The flat tip ATR crystal design allows touch measurement of sensitive samples and soft solids like skin, resin or polymers without damaging them. Additionally, sticky and otherwise messy samples like syrups, glues or pastes can be easily cleaned off of the probe’s ATR crystal thanks to the flat shape. Comparison of conical and flat tip ATR probes shows that the flat tip probe allows the user to achieve a stable, constant surface area with solid and soft-solid samples. This ensures reliable and reproducible measurement results, giving the user quantitative data on the sample at hand.

Main features:

  • Flat-tip ATR crystal
  • Suitable for measuring sensitive samples e.g. skin without damaging them
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent for measuring sticky or messy samples


  • Reaction Monitoring in real time
  • Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)
  • Remote Polymerization Control
  • Crystallization Process Screening In-situ IR-Spectroscopy for PAT in Chemical, Petrochemical, Atomic, Biopharmaceutical & Food Industry


Probe Type ATR-probe
Sealing Material Gold
Probe Shaft OD = 6.3 mm
Shaft Material Hastalloy C22
Total Length 1.5 ± 0.05 m
Flexible Fiber 1.2 m, legs of 0.5 m length each
Minimal Bend Radius 130 mm
Terminations 2 x SMA905
Protection Tubing
Liquid Tight Protection (LTP)


Product Code ATR-P-DF-6-30-150/50
Article-No. AP11938
Tip Material Diamond
Shaft OD 6.3 mm
Spectral Range 600 - 1900 cm-1
Sealing Gold
Fiber Type PIR 900/1000
Pressure, Temperature 100 Bar, -150 - +140 °C

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