Specular Reflection Probes


Specular Reflection Probes from FlexiSpec® product line are designed to measure Specular Reflectance, Backscatter or Fluorescence of solid, liquid, and powder samples.

Main Features:

  • Sapphire window design without straight light
  • Possible design with thinnest probe tips d=0.5 mm
  • Dedicated design providing minimal cross talk due to using of Metal Coated Fibers
  • Flat or angled tip desing
  • Round-to-Round or Round-to-Line design
  • Extruder design on request


  • Reaction monitoring in real time
  • Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)
  • Extrusion and Crystallization monitoring
  • Biopharmaceutical analysis
  • Biofuel development and production control
  • Food and beverage processes monitoring


Probe Type Reflection
Sealing Material Glue EPOTEK 353 ND
Window Sapphire, 20° angle
Probe Shaft OD = 6 mm, L = 150 mm
Shaft Material Stainless Steel 316L
Total Length 2 ± 0.05 m
Flexible Fiber 1.35 m, legs of 0.5 m length each
Terminations 2 x SMA905
Protection Tubing Metal, PVC coated
Temperature 0 - +150 °C
Pressure 0 - 10 Bar


Available SKUs:

Product Code Spectrometer Type Article-No. Bundle Arrangement Spectral Range Fiber Type
R-NIR-S-6-15-200/50-FT FTIR (FT) AP12488 3 + 4 380 - 2500 nm NIR 600/660
R-NIR-S-6-15-200/50-DG Diffraction Grating (DG) AP12490 6 + 1 380 - 2500 nm NIR 400/440
R-UV-S-6-15-200/50-DG Diffraction Grating (DG) AP12xxx 6 + 1 200 - 1200 nm UV 400/440

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