(Nic 10mGC) Thermo Nicolet 10 meter Gas Cell

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Thermo Nicolet 10m Gas cell, fits in any Thermo-Nicolet research grade FTIR model (e/g/. Magna, Nexus, 6700 and IS50).   An MCT detector configuration is recommended in the FTIR with long path length gas cells for adequate sensitivity and signal to noise.  The gas cell has been inspected, refurbished and tested.  Comes with heater and temperature controller as shown.  The 10 m gas cell is capable of detection limits down to 10 – 50 ppb for most components and it has a volume of two liters.   Construction:  Stainless steel body, Nickel-coated aluminum and Gold-coated aluminum mirrors.  Includes a heater and controller (as shown) to protect the internal mirrors and window surfaces from contamination-condensation.

Volume: 2.0 L

Connections: 1/4" VCR 1/4" VCR

1/4" Swagelok® connection  for pressure meter (if used)

Pressure relief 25 psi, self-seating check valve (VCR connection) 25 psi, self-seating check valve (VCR connection)

Maximum pressure 200 psi* 50 psi

Leak rate < 0.1 Torr/min < 0.1 Torr/min

Window material coated ZnSe, 

Recommended Temperature range for Viton Orings:   20 – 80 °C 

O-ring seals:   Viton®

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