DNACON Series 260/280 nm Validation Reference for DNA and RNA, 5x or 10x concentration, Screw Cap Vials


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Description Part Number, NIST Traceable
DNACON reference, 10 mm cell RM-DNA
5x concentration, 1 screw cap vial DNACON5X-SC1
5x concentration, 2 screw cap vials DNACON5X-SC2
5x concentration, 4 screw cap vials DNACON5X-SC4
10x concentration, 1 screw cap vial DNACON10X-SC1
10x concentration, 2 screw cap vials DNACON10X-SC2
10x concentration, 4 screw cap vials DNACON10X-SC4


Standard solution which gives a stable 260/280 nm ratio of 1.8 to 2.0, NIST Traceable complete with UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 accredited certificate of calibration
Primary Usage
Control the quality of DNA/RNA purity analysis
Certified Wavelengths 260 nm and 280 nm
Physical Configuration Far UV quartz cell that has been permanently sealed by heat fusion. The reference is also available in vials containing 1.5 ml, with a screw cap.


Product Description:

When running DNA or RNA purity analysis on a spectrophotometer, it is important to ensure that the instrument is working correctly. The Starna DNA/RNA validation reference (DNACON) is a stable solution, which mimics the 260/280 nm ratio of DNA and RNA.

The RM-DNA (permanently sealed reference) is supplied with a certificate which lists the expected 260/280 nm ratio and the confidence limit of the ratio. The validation analysis is performed by our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory and is traceable to NIST.

The screw cap vials reseal to maintain the integrity of the DNACON. This format allows for the removal of the DNACON by pipette or syringe for use in microvolume devices.

The vials are available in concentrations of 5x and 10x as listed below.

10mm cell (RM-DNA) also available.

Typical Uncorrected Absorbance Values:

260 nm 0.765 A

280 nm 0.405 A

Ratio: 1.89

DNACON 260-280 Solution Spectra

Suggestions for Use:

The importance of this reference is that it allows the user to validate an instrument's performance in real time. When measuring unknown samples the user can verify that the instrument is working correctly by reading the validation standard both before, during and after each run of unknowns.

When using a spectrophotometer which automatically calculates the 260/280 ratio, place the DNA/RNA validation reference in the spectrophotometer and run the instrument's routine for the 260/280 ratio. If the ratio is valid when compared to the certificate then the user can be assured that the instrument is calculating the ratio correctly. In a spectrophotometer without an automatic calculation feature, simply use the DNA/RNA validation reference as a normal sample to validate your analytical procedure.

With the vial references, the 5x concentration is suitable for the NanoDropTM instrument while the 10x concentration is suitable for micro drop systems such as Jenway/Bibby.

Additionally, at 260 nm, results are approximately as follows:

Path Length (mm) 5x Concentration 10x Concentration
0.2 0.1 A 0.2 A
0.5 0.25 A 0.5 A
1 0.5 A 1 A
10 5 A 10 A


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