(TC-DR-PROBE) 45° Diffuse Reflectance Probe with Inbuilt Halogen Light Source. Power Supply included (900-40000-296) AND ACCESSORIES AND REFLECTANCE STANDARD

Ocean OpticsSKU: TC-DR-PROBE


The DR-Probe is a 45° diffuse reflectance probe with integrated tungsten halogen light source for simple yet elegant reflectance measurements. By fixing the probe’s collection optics in place relative to the light source, the DR-Probe design ensures that diffuse light is collected and that the measurement geometry is constant. This increases the reliability and consistency of the results.

Combine the DR-Probe with an Ocean Insight spectrometer for diffuse reflectance measurements in food processing, pharmaceuticals monitoring and environmental applications.

Diffuse reflectance — illumination and collection optics fixed at 45° angle

Consistent results — 40 mm stand-off block for consistent focal length

Integrated light source — 6W tungsten halogen bulb w/10,000-hour lifetime

Easy to handle — designed for optimum heat dissipation and light source stability

Simple to use — includes Spectralon reflectance standard for referencing

Connector — SMA 905

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