UV-VIS Spectrometer System with Dip Probe

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Ocean Optics USB 2000+ UV-VIS spectrometer integrated with a Pulsed Xenon light source.  Complete system with Spectrometer-Light Source module, Laptop, software, and UV-VIS dip probe (1 cm path length).   Dip probe includes a outer SS tube for additional protection.

System specifications:


Spectrometer                                                 USB2000+ UV-VIS

Grating:                                                          Holographic blazed at 300 nm

Slit:                                                                 25 um

Recommended Wavelength Range:             200-850nm

Detector Type:                                               Sony 2048-element linear silicon CCD array

A/D converter:                                               16 bit

Spectral Resolution:                                      <1.8 nm

Communication:                                            USB 2.0

Recommended Fiber type:                           High OH, for UV applications

Fiber connector:                                            SMA 905

Spectrometer Fiber NA:                                0.22

Recommended Absorbance Range:             0.1-2.0A

 Software:                                                       Oceanview

Operating System:                                       Windows 10 Lenovo laptop


Light Source

Light Source type:                                         Xenon flash lamp

Lamp Ave Power:                                          6W

Lamp Manufacturer:                                     Excelitas

XenonLamp Model:                                       RSL-2101-1

Maximum Repetition Rate:                           200 Hz

Operating Voltage:                                        12VDC

Footprint:                                                       5”x5”x2.1” (127x127x33.4mm)

Weight:                                                           1.8 lb (0.8kg)

Typical Lamp lifetime:                                  5000 hrs


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