MiromATR Diamond ATR, Extended Range Diamond ATR

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The MicromATR attenuated total reflection (ATR)
accessory offers the widest variety of options of any
accessory on the market. With a wide variety of ATR
crystal options, optional reflection adaptor, temperature
control accessories and the outstanding viewing
capabilities of the MicromATRTM Vision package, this
single system can handle the majority of your infrared
measurement needs. The alignment free system allows
ATR crystal disks to be easily changed... no screws,
not tools, snap and go. The system is easy to clean and
provides the highest throughput available. From vision to
quant, heating to reflection, the MicromATRTM provides
the most measurement options of any commercially
available ATR accessory.

Complete system with XR diamond plate, torque pressure clamp, and adaptor plate for Thermon Nicolet FTIRs.

Contact us to confirm your FTIR model for adaptor plate compatibility.

MicromATR and MicromATR Vision Specifications:

*ATR Crystal Plates Diamond XR (to 10 cm-1)
*Crystal Plate Mount Kinematic, magnetically fixed
*ATR Crystal Dimensions 2.5 mm diameter (Diamond XR and HT)
*Crystal Plate material 316 Stainless steel
*Angle of Incidence 45 degrees, nominal
*Pressure Clamp Torque Knob
*Maximum Pressure 30,000 psi (Diamond XR)
*Purge enclosure Small purge volume
*Purge / seal tubes included
*Dimensions 4.5 X 3.5 X 3.5 inches
*114 X90 X 90 mm

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