(0031-902) Thermo Dual Sample Environmental Chamber, Smart Collector

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Thermo Dual Sample Environmental Chamber, with Heater controller and Smart Collector for measuring Diffuse Reflectance in the MID IR region.  This is an open box unit that comes with all of the spacers, o-rings, plus a spare environmental chamber.  

The Thermo Scientific Smart Collector, designed for the infrared

analysis of solid samples, especially powdered materials, is one of

the most advanced and versatile accessories for Diffuse Reflectance

Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (DRIFTS). Diffuse reflection

greatly simplifies the preparation of samples compared to traditional

techniques such as KBr pellets and mulls. For the research laboratory

environment, the Smart Collector utilizes a unique optical design

that increases the percentage of diffuse reflection required to

obtain nanogram levels of sensitivity. Combined with the environmental

chamber option, the Smart Collector can perform a wide

variety of diffuse reflectance experiments quickly and easily at

elevated temperatures, high pressure, and vacuum conditions with

minimal sample preparation.

Example Applications

  • Solids
  • Powders
  • Organic and inorganic samples

The Smart Collector is the only research diffuse reflectance

accessory that has the optional, easy to use and install environmental

chambers. These chambers can be quickly installed with minimal

effort and with no realignment of the accessory. The ability to perform

in-situ measurements of solid materials can provide invaluable

information. Studies such as heterogeneous catalytic mechanisms,

thermal degradation studies, and zeolite analyses can be monitored

with elevated temperatures/pressure or

under vacuum. Samples sensitive to

oxygen or the atmosphere can be handled

by preparing the chamber in a standard

glove box.

The Smart Collector has been

designed for high energy throughput and

ease of use. The Smart Collector comes

complete with two sample holders. One

holder has two integral sample cups

within it. Typically, one of the positions

is loaded with the sample, and the other

is loaded with a reference material such

as potassium bromide (KBr). The integral

sample cups eliminate the need to worry

about small parts that can be easily lost

and makes it easy to load samples without the risk of dropping

small sample cups. The second holder has an integral mirror

mounted in it that can be used for performance testing, and a slot

for a Si-Carb platen. The Si-Carb Sampling Kit is used to obtain

spectra of hard, intractable samples, such as coatings, paints, and

hard polymers. The Si-Carb kit includes the adhesive-backed silicon

carbide paper that is used to abrade the surface to be analyzed,

and a handle and platen to hold the paper. This technique transfers

a small amount of sample to the disk. An infrared spectrum is

obtained of the material clinging to the surface of the silicon carbide

disk. If KBr is needed to dilute a sample for analysis, the convenient

KBr Powder Packets can be used. Each of the KBr Powder Packets

contains a convenient, pre-measured quantity of dry KBr for

dispersing a sample.


Sample Cup Volume: Approximately 0.25 gram

Environmental Chambers: Temperature, pressure and vacuum

KBr Powder


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