Standard Fiber Optic ATR-Detachable Loop Probes


The ATR-Loop Infrared PIR-fiber probe was the first in FlexiSpec® product line designed for use with FTIR and other Mid IR spectrometers. ATR-Loop PIR-fiber probes are well-suited for remote analysis of composition of liquids, pastes and soft surfaces and do not require sample preparation. The Loop fiber probe is the simplest one in the FlexiSpec® product family to allow for low cost ATR-spectroscopy.

Main Features:

  • High throughput at Mid InfraRed range
  • On-line absorbance spectroscopy of liquids, pastes & soft solid surfaces
  • Compatible with all FTIR, QCL and IR- Filter spectrometers
  • Cost effective alternative to more expensive ATR-IR-fiber probes
  • Replaceable ATR Loop PIR-Fiber Tips


  • Remote evanescent absorption (ATR-) spectroscopy in-citu
  • Multiple ATR-spectroscopy by immersion of fiber loop in liquid
  • In-vivo molecular spectroscopy for medical diagnostics by simple touch of ATR-Loop on skin or tissue


Probe Type
ATR for Detachable-PIR-Loops
Probe Shaft OD = 10 mm, L = 80 mm
Shaft Material PEEK
Total Length 1.1 ± 0.05 m
Flexible Fiber 2 legs of 1.0 m length each
Terminations 2 x Ti-SMA905
Protection Tubing PEEK
Temperature 0 - +80°C
Pressure 0 - 3 Bar

Available SKUs:

Product Code
Tip Material Spectral Range Fiber Type
ATR-P-AgX-10-8-110/100 AP10100 PIR-fiber loop 600 - 3100 cm-1 PIR 900/1000
ATR-C-AgX-10-8-110/100 AP10106 PIR-fiber loop 1550 - 5000 cm-1 PIR 900/1000

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