(840-233600) IS50 Raman Module Upgrade

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Thermo Nicolet IS50 Raman module upgrade

(Thermo Part: 840-233600) The IS50 can be upgraded with a FT-Raman module that fits in the sample compartment (not a large external module). This requires a Calcium Fluorite Beam splitter, an InGaAs detector, and the Raman module which contains the laser, XYZ stage, and internal camera. Included in the upgrade is the Laptop which includes the software, where you connect the (2) usb cables to the IS50. This includes a 6 well plate sample holder (as shown), where you can automate your sampling to all nine positions (see photo).  Other well plates, are available for vials, microscope slides, etc. The 1064 solid state laser has a maximum power of .5 W. The unit has been fully tested. Technical assistance is available for installation and testing.

Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iS™ 50 Raman Accessory, which provides mapping and well-plate screening in a sample compartment mounted module.

  • Perform analysis of Crystallinity and inorganics
  • Complement your material identification with Raman
  • Switch in seconds between the iS50 ATR and iS50 Raman
  • Screen multiple samples for cluster analysis


Diode Laser Wavelength 1064 nm 

Power 500–50 mW, 

Software settable Spot Size Less than 60 microns Compliance Class 1 Laser Product Safety Automatic Shutter Interlocks, 

Laser Filters X-Y-Z Stage Range 100 mm front/back, 62.5 mm left right, 21.5 mm top/bottom Step Resolution 5 micron steps 

Sampling Plates 9-well, microscope slide, 3 and 4-vial, 48-well 

Software Basic Operation Standard OMNIC tools, laser power, white light controls Point and Shoot XY movement, autofocus Regular Arrays Array Automation Software Includes data collection and full analysis suite Video capture and storage during data collection 

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Cluster Analysis, 

Multiple Curve Regression Mapping Atlµs Mapping Software Includes data collection and full analysis suite 

Video mosaic capture and storage during data collection Point, 

Line or Area Mapping 

Camera USB 

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