GL14 Caps, Closed-Septum-Insert

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Screw caps to fit GL14 threaded cells. Available as either closed cap or septum seal cap.

GL14-C/Sealing cap: The cap is a standard design with a silicone gasket which seals tightly for mixing and storage.

GL14-S/Septum cap: The plastic cap has a hole in the centre exposing the silicone septum seal so that it may be pierced with a syringe needle. The cap seals tightly and is suitable for storage and mixing.

GL14/SI: Septum Inserts for GL14 Cap.


GL14 Cuvettes using these replacement caps include:

GL14 Series Rectangular Screw Cap Cuvettes, Quartz & Special Optical Glass, 10mm

GL14 Series Self-Masking Rectangular Quartz Screw Cap Cuvettes, 10mm

GL14 Series Closed and Septum Screw Cap Fluorometer Cells, Special Optical Glass & Spectrosil Quartz

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